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OK. I just have to complain about Flickr for a second.

I don't use it to post, but many do. When you want to see the pixel quality on a flickr post -- and maybe I'm doing something wrong here but -- doesn't it take like 4 clicks to see the large picture. One to launch into flickr. One for the magnifying glass (which wrenchingly drops you into a dark themed background). One more for "view all sizes" which puts you back into light-themed flickr. Then one for the larger picture size (assuming the person uploaded something larger than 1024).

So frustrating compared to smugmug, dropbox or natively loaded on the site. Flickr used to be much simpler. Or, is there an easier way to see the larger sizes, and I'm missing it?

<rant over>


no, you're right ... there is no quicker way and it's bloody annoying ... as is the fact that the uploader hangs almost without fail every time, mid-upload ... and you can't share a photostream without being reciprocal contacts with the sharee ... and the search doesn't work properly ... and every time they change the code, Opera stops working ... apart from that, I think it's fine


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As far as I know the only way to link back to the fullsize or large original is for the image owner to select the HTML or bb code and paste it here, then manually go to the larger view and copy and paste that web address over the original address in the code which as you say only takes you to a medium sized image by default.


You can also click the Actions menu just above the image. In that menu is an option to View All Sizes. Then click the Original size. Although Ray's method is still faster.

The black background does not bother me at all and it's similar to how many other sites show full size images.

Search has actually improved IMO with recent changes.


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Ah! I thought I was missing something! That "actions" bit seems to work nicely. But then why the misleading "+" in a magnifying glass on the right?! I little QA on their own web site is in order, methinks :)

Thanks for the tip kyteflyer. Also to Ray -- I didn't know you could right-click.