Flickr Performance Issues


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Over the last week or so I have been having Flickr Performance Issues - OK on my first page photostream but everything else is glitchy slow or failing to load at all
I'm using Chrome on Win 7 as browser. Previously I had good performance & it was a pleasure to use - not so now. Absolutely dreadful.

I'm wondering if its my end or down to Flickr.
Would a Pro account help? Any suggestions as to what I can do to improve performance?


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Just ran a speed check 2.8MB - I think its the same as when I checked last year
with max up to 6.5MB quoted as being available from BT Sky plusnet etc


Marlow, UK
I've had days when Flickr is very slow to upload new images and often just times out before completion.

I haven't uploaded anything for a while so I don't know how well it's working at present.



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I've found that since the last site update with the new format, the Flickr performance has just been poor overall. They had some major issues early on when the upgrade went live and seem to have not been able to recover since.