Flickr Slow? Not Responding?


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Is it just me? When I access flickr it seems to take ages to connect. Even when it does connect a lot of the pictures are black spaces. Also, slide show just has the red and blue dots circle each other and no slide show appears. Been like this for a few days on and off.


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It's been like that for a bit longer in my experience, particularly the timing out of the server when uploading.

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you should be able to figure it out...
It's working fine for me. I think when a site or two gets really slow, it can be anywhere in the chain between their server and your PC - there are a lot of places it can slow down and I'll get some sites going really slow when everything else seems to be working. I think the only time I ever saw Flickr slow for an extended period was when they were making a LOT of changes a few years back. Lately its been fine, with the occasional temporary slowdown, as with any other site...


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