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I just found out that Flickr has made some rather big changes to their site. I'm not sure when this was done but my initial impressions are that I don't care for it, however I'm going to try to get to know it... I've found that on my own photostream if I hit Edit from along the top, I can then see my photos fairly small with a white background.

If one clicks on a photo and wants to see it without the white, the only way I've discovered to do so is to go down to the icons beneath and choose the 3 dots which gives one a menu...and from there choose "View all sizes". The same thing appears to hold true when one is looking at one's contacts' photos. This is the main thing I don't like because often I find having a white border around a particular photograph allows me to see and appreciate it more fully...especially if it has a dark background itself.

What about you all - have you discovered some ways to make the Flickr site work for you? Do you like it better, worse or are you being patient and reserving judgement?


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Two souls. One thought. I was just struggling with the site, especially w.r.t. deciding which borders to use. The grid has a white background. When you click on the photo you get a black background and when you select "view all sizes" you get a white background again. Using a dark(er) border around a photo does not look good when viewing the grid and does not add anything when viewing the photo with a black background. I can live with either white or black background but the current setup is confusing. However, I will give it a try without borders added around photos.

All in all, I am still not sure how I should use Flickr.Wouldn't it be nice to have a dedicated forum photo site?

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