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Well Ladies and Gentleman its been way too long with me not posting, with work taking up my nights and me sleeping during the day its been a bit of a challenge to keep in touch wit this hobby.... but none the less it helps keep me sane so i have taken the time to update my flickr and hopefully you all post the pictures you like in this thread =) and of course critique is well appreciated Good & Bad.





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Well, I'll tell you Jason things are lookin' mighty good! Your first is a beauty - not only the young lady in question but your black and white tones are, too. I don't know if you were sitting there, or walking by...but you honored this young woman with this portrait. Ideally, it would have been great to get all of both of her feet however sometimes we just can't do the ideal (many times!). I think this one is a winner!

I also like the angle you shot the basketball players from and that last one is rather cool in a kind of crazy dreamlike way...not just the blur but the intense light - love those rays!

Welcome back!:biggrin:
Thank you all so much for the first photo i was actually sitting down on the bench next to her and yeah i did attempt to get both feet but i was juggling not only my NEX but my bookbag as well hehe... and the last photo i took while moving in a vehicle and i'm glad you noticed my implementation of rays it was definitely a sunny day on City Island ;-)
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