Leica «Focus Adapters» aka «Focus Checkers» — LTM Only, Or Do Also Leica M Mount Versions Exist?


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By happenstance, a couple of years ago I won a CORFIELD Periflex «Focus Checker» aka «Focus Adapter» for a really good (low) price.

Except the correct nomenclature of the item, the seller was describing the item quite correctly, but nevertheless I was the only bidder, IIRC.

Here some links having pictures of apparently two or three versions of the item in question — mine is slightly different again, BTW:

  - Framing & Focusing - Antique and Vintage Cameras




So my questions are:

1. What is the standard terminology of that sort of item?

2. Did anyone make a similar item (of that handiness!) for Leica M lenses?

Thank you :)
I have a "Focus Previewer" for Nikon F mount that is a stand-alone, ir manually out it on the lens and remove it. It was probably intended for "Mirror-up" lenses, was with the 2.1cm F4 that I bought.

I have a focus previewer for Leica that allows the previewer and camera body to swing in and out. It is for close-up work only, an extension is built into the swing mechanism. The Leica viewer shown in the first link (Focaslide) is also intended for close-up work. I need to find mine...

The most useful that I've found:

My method of setting the shim.
by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr

Came with the Canon body cap, but not sure who made it. It is a previewer with magnifier.
At home now- the Nikon device is labeled a "Field Previewer for Nikkor lenses" product number 2305, which is hand-written on the box. This think is circa 1962.

The Leica device is made in California and is called a "Speed-O-Copy", will have to get a picture of it. Same idea as the Leica device, but simpler.

This would not be too hard of a device to make from a loupe, matte focus screen- such as a Nikon Type B2 for the FE2, and an extension ring.

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