Fuji Focus difficulty at soccer games..


I attended my grandsons' soccer games yesterday with my X-t1/55-200 combo. I used a monopod with OIS turned off at 1/500 sec. I followed the latest tips, performance on/mechanical shutter only. I tried many combinations of single, zone, and wide area tracking with AFS/AFC/MF. Also, switched to focus priority for both AFS and AFC. Tried CH and CL.

Too many out of focus shots! My best option was to manually focus on a plane of action and shoot or AFC with single focus point. I think there were just too many kids around the ball that confuses the other modes of focus.

Any suggestions Rico would be appreciated. I went back and read your new tips again and don't have any new next steps. Many more games ahead!


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Seems like you are doing everything as it should be done. I'd use single-point AF or a small zone (everything in the PDAF enabled area) and track my target (a specific player) with AF-C and CL burst mode. The 55-200 may not be as fast as the 50-140mm zoom, though, which is my current weapon of choice.

HPM and MS are a given, but you already mentioned that.

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