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I'm having issues with the focus on my X100. Ever since I did the update I get a mixture of pictures that are focused and not focused. I shoot a lot indoors or in low light, but lately even when I shoot in well lit areas the focus just isn't always up to par. Any suggestions on settings I can try? I posted some good pics and some bad pics so you can see what I am talking about

Good Pics
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Bad pics (even with flash)
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I see the EXIF now, but have only looked at the first of the"bad pics" - taken at 1/15th and f/2. Maybe it was just down to its being too slow a shutter speed for being hand held? I have taken quite a few extremely low light shots without flash but I never go that slow, I don't think. I recently bought a soft release because I know sometimes if I don't have myself braced properly and it's a very low light situation that any shake on my part is not going to be a good thing.

What do you think?

P.S. Now I've looked at both. The first says the flash did not fire, while in the second it did. Another thing you might want to consider is upping that ISO by a lot. Auto ISO in this camera can be astounding or just pushing it up to 3200 and even, yes, 6400. It's certainly worked for a bunch of us.

I'm not exactly a technophile but I cant' help thinking that this may be what your problems were, in part - too slow, camera shake and the need for a higher ISO? I'm sure others will have more to say.
In the top one of your "bad pics", the focus is behind the subject - the small group on the left are tack-sharp. I think in the second of your "bad pics" (but I'm not as sure about this one), the focus is again behind the subjects (carpet and near floor tiles look in focus on the left, chair and upholstery on the right). Not sure why though - perhaps check to see if your focus point has been moved accidentally? This would also explain why your "good pics" are portrait format photos and your "bad ones" are landscape.


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Aside from a slo shutter speed, there's contrast issues you have in the photos. Remember the X100 craves contrast to focus. If you focused on the subject and there's a light source in the scene, the camera will try to focus on the light.
Also, there's parallax issues with the focus box and the OVF.
Explain more details and we can figure this out. From where I see, it's operator error.
The camera seems to be working fine.


Hmmm it could be operator and camera error. If the X100 guesses what to focus on it could have just focused on the wrong thing like what Don (Streetshooter) mentioned above.

If you want to see if the AF has gone 'bad' try use the centre focus box/point mode and focus and recompose and see if thats any better?


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Ok, so where your at is to get a better grasp of the cameras functions.
What's done is done. Let's plan how to find out the AF issue and fix it from this moment forward.

The camera achieves AF accuracy best with the smallest of AF target boxes. You must pat strict attention to the focus box with the OVF. It will look like your focused where you want but may be at some other point.

The EVF can play tricks also but it's easier to spot the cameras sense of humor. You can see the focus move with the EVF.
I would suggest you get past these few images and look at the entire shoot. Try to remember what you did for each shot. Just relax and relive the moment. Your library is your teacher and guide.
I highly doubt there is an issue with the camera.

Please don't take this personally but it appears to be operator error. It's an easy fix once you have a meeting of the mind with the camera. There are a few lessons you could do and I'd be glad to email some to you for practice.
All in all, your eye is on and there's nice images.

I'm sure you've read where I posted about intrusion from the camera. This is one of those times.


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I just tried something after reading an article, something I would never have thought of doing...setting the focus selector to AF-C. It's a revelation, I've taken a couple dozen test shots and every single one is sharp as a tack with no "hunting"
Go figure!