Lawrence A.

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Nov 8, 2012
New Mexico

Flat cheese enchiladas, refried beans, white rice, a little guacamole, a little salad, some salsa and chips, and Clausthaler non-alcoholic beer. A feast!


Apr 10, 2011
Chandler, AZ
Yummy shots! I recently read an article that someone linked where restaurants are asking patrons not to take photos of their food and posting them (supposedly many of the smartphone photos were not very appealing and were offending the owners). If any of the photos here had been taken from a local restaurant, I'd definitely make plans to dine there (typing as as I drool...).


Feb 15, 2019
Where I live I think it is almost required by law to take photos of your food. Evidence maybe? Get sick, doc ask you "what was the last thing you ate" and you whip out your phone/camera and say "hold on, I've got a shot of it right here....."

Joey Wilson

Mar 19, 2012
I've always cooked a little, but as I've gotten older (and watched entirely too much Anthony Bourdain and other Food Network fare) I've gotten the itch to leanr more.

I've always been around women who made great biscuits from scratch, so I took the plunge, and I can now say "No More Canned Biscuits!" :

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Then cornbread. Now I'm working on perfecting my Pan de Campo, the old chuck wagon bread from the cattle drive days. What a hoot !


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