For all of us dog lovers out there and here and to our best friends.


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I don't usually read the Style section of Sunday's NY Times...but I do admit to checking their "Modern Love" column most of the time. This time I'm especially glad I did.

I think any of us who have been lucky enough to have a best dog friend will find it worth reading: Four-Legged Reason to Keep It Together (Published 2012) "Four-Legged Reason to Keep It Together" by Timothy Braun in the August 23rd edition.

WHEN I met the dog, he was sitting in a cage to my left as I entered a local animal shelter near the running path I frequent in downtown Austin, Texas. I had no intention to adopt a dog. I only stopped for a drink of cold water...

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did.

Steve Noel

Casey County, KY

I am not a dog person. I won't let myself. Dogs seem to love me on sight. But after 45 years traveling (No pets). The thought of the loss of total liberty, is just too much to contemplate. I know that a pet can be a great comfort, to those that are lonesome. But how can I ever be lonesome, as long as Granny, Mam-ma, Babe, and the list of names goes on........, is around! :friends:

Great story!