For all the technical jargon....


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At the end of the day, doesn't it come down to whether we are happy using a camera or not?

While there is a good bit of discussion about the differences(technical) between some of the newest serious compacts on the forum, this doesn't tell the whole story. While I find that the information in this forum is informative, there is so much of splitting hairs on other forums *caugh*dpreview*caugh* that we forget why we have a or make a specific camera purchase.

I think Don's thread(StreetShooter) here:

is a fantastic example of being happy with a camera and discussing what he likes about it without getting caught up in the technical stuff.

I think the point I'm trying to make is, that we shouldn't buy camera's soley on just the technical stuff. I could have a camera that has the best image quality in the world, but if it sits in a drawer because there is something I don't like about it that frustrates me to the point of leaving it in the drawer, the camera isn't worth a nickle to me.

On a sort of different topic.

I will say it is becoming extremely difficult to find some of these cameras to get our hands on to demo. Using a camera IMHO is a very personal experience. We all use them in some way different, and as consumers of these types of cameras, we end up paying more for them because retailers aren't willing to put them in the stores for us to play with. I do understand that there really isn't a need for them either when the person decideds they like it in the store, they just go online and buy it.


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I couldn't agree with you more, Jason.

I do feel I have to point out that B&H Photo has a superb returns policy. It might be worth checking out, even with the cost of returning an item. I'm not pushing them, I'm just letting you know their policy, though of course you want to read it yourself and decide. I've found their customer service to be top notch.