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Completed For Sale: Assorted accessories for the LX100, LX100 II, and GX85 | Location: USA | Ships: USA

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Boston Burbs
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For Sale

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Assorted accessories for the LX100, LX100 II, and GX85

What are your prices?
FL-LM3 Flash, 2 Wasabi batteries and charger, Senei 43-46 step ring, Sensei 43mm Screw-In Metal Lens Cap

$51 - PP and USPS 1st class shipping

Also have a MegaGear PU Half-Bottom Camera Case for Panasonic LUMIX GX85 (Black) - $11.50 with other accessories.

Where are you located? USA
Where are you willing to to ship? USA


Price: $51.00

* Olympus FL-LM3 Flash (modified for Panasonic hot shoe)

The little included flash with the LX100 is OK, this is better. Full 90 degree tilt and 180 degree rotation. Not for this to work on the Panasonic cameras you have to file down the base a little. David Thorpe has a nice little video on the modification. This unit HAS already been modified.


* 2 - Wasabi Power Batteries and 1 Wasabi Charger

Good generic batteries, I've used Wasabi batteries on pretty much every m4/3 body I've owned and never had a problem

* Sensei 43-46mm Step-Up Ring

Handy if you also shoot m4/3 since so many of the small primes are 46mm, makes sharing filters easy.

* Sensei 43mm Screw-In Metal Lens Cap

Handy since it's thinner than a tradition lens cap. Also since it's an aluminum screw on cap it it protects the lens better and won't fall off.

I have these for sale (the flash and batteries) with my GX85 in another listing. But I figured I would offer them for sale separately if anyone is interested. New it's just $100 retail, asking $56. After PP and S&H that should leave me $49.

Note, the batteries will work in a GX9, but Panasonic removed the power pin for the flash so it will not.

If you're looking at these for a GX85, I have a half case I could add for another $11.50

Payment accepted Regular PayPal (fee included in price)
Shipping method Other
Shipping charge included
Handling time 1-2 business days
References davidzvi most places (here, Nikon Cafe, FM, etc), dsilber23 on eBay
Additional comments Buyer must have a PayPal confirmed address
Acknowledgement I have read and agree to the Buy and Sell rules.


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