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Crumpler Six Million Dollar Home bags

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Two Crumpler Six Million Dollar Home bags, one new style, one original.

First is the new style, black with red interior. Barely used for a couple of months, mostly to hold gear in at home. All partitions as supplied by Crumpler. Great bag to hold a mirrorless kit. Asking $65, new it is $140.

Second is the original Six Million bag, green khaki with lime green interior. Lost of divider, slightly different pocket storage than new version. Also asking $65.

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Regular PayPal (fee included in price)

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USPS Priority

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24 hours


here, FM, MU43, eBay all same username.

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No, unless you don't want to hold camera gear. The new style bag has a zippered pocket in back that holds my iPad 2, but doesn't zip shut. It would fit an iPad mini and zip. The older bag has a different pocket setup.

I do, come to think of it, have another Crumpler bag for a laptop, it is exceptional for a computer bag and with an insert, you could add camera gear.

There are two computer bags, one black, one khaki green (I'm sensing a trend in my color choices). Slightly different, but both are amazing - I just don't carry a laptop anymore since I have my iPad.

$60 each also, although open to offers, as I am to the camera bags. Selling for $90 on eBay and Amazon for the same bags.


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