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Completed For Sale: Hexar AF BLACK 35mm Rangefinder w/o or w HX-18W Flash and Mr Zhou Half Case | Location: USA | Ships: USA

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Ranger Rick

Tempe, AZ
Real Name
oClassifieds Type For Sale

Price $400.00/450.00

Item Konica Hexar AF BLACK 35mm Rangefinder w/o or w HX-18W Flash and Mr Zhou Half Case

My Location USA

File(s) attached

Fantastic camera, much in demand by film connoisseurs, with a 35mm lens which rivals the Leica Summicron. Everything works perfectly, the lens is clear and clean, no dust spots I can see. Shutter is clean, works perfectly. LED window on top deck works perfectly, as does the infrared rangefinder.

This camera has performed flawlessly, and I just film-tested by exposing a roll of film in it yesterday and picked it up from the lab today: perfect results. Other than the minor brassing on the bottom, it is in very good condition. I have put a small piece of black tape over the Konica logo on the front, to make it less obvious when shooting on the street. You can remove it if you prefer.

Includes Hoya Y (K2) filter, which as always been on the camera and 46mm lens cap. Camera has a built-in sliding lens hood on the lens.

The optional extra for $50 more: Konica HX-18W OEM flash works perfectly (see test light lit in one of the photos). Flash comes in the OEM case. Option also includes a Mr. Zhou custom half-case, with a thumb rest bumped out on the top right back, which makes holding the camera much easier (as well as protecting the camera).

This is a fully-working example of the Konica Hexar AF, with everything in top working order.

Payment Methods Regular PayPal (seller fee included in price)

Shipping Locations USA

Shipping Methods USPS Priority

Shipping Charge $15

Handling Time 1-2 business days

References Ranger Rick on mu-43

Additional Specifications PAYPAL VERIFIED - Buyer must have a PayPal confirmed address, PAYPAL SHIPPING ADDRESS ONLY- Will only ship to the address indicated on PayPal payment

I have read and agree to the Buy and Sell rules. Yes


  • 20200128_Hexar Front_001.jpg
    20200128_Hexar Front_001.jpg
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  • 20200128_Hexar Bottom_001.jpg
    20200128_Hexar Bottom_001.jpg
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  • 20200128_Hexar Bottom_002.jpg
    20200128_Hexar Bottom_002.jpg
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  • 20200128_Hexar Back_002.jpg
    20200128_Hexar Back_002.jpg
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  • 20200128_Hexar Back_003.jpg
    20200128_Hexar Back_003.jpg
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  • 20200128_Hexar Flash0001.jpg
    20200128_Hexar Flash0001.jpg
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  • 20200128_Hexar Flash0002.jpg
    20200128_Hexar Flash0002.jpg
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  • 20200128_Hexar Flash0004.jpg
    20200128_Hexar Flash0004.jpg
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  • 20200128_Hexar Front_002.jpg
    20200128_Hexar Front_002.jpg
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  • 20200128_Hexar Front_004.jpg
    20200128_Hexar Front_004.jpg
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  • 20200128_Hexar Front_005.jpg
    20200128_Hexar Front_005.jpg
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  • 20200128_Hexar Top_001.jpg
    20200128_Hexar Top_001.jpg
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  • 20200128_Hexar Top_003.jpg
    20200128_Hexar Top_003.jpg
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  • 20200128_Hexar Top_004.jpg
    20200128_Hexar Top_004.jpg
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