Expired For Sale: Lenses: Minolta Rokkor SR/MD, Canon FD, Pentax auto 110 | Location: USA | Ships: World


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Price $9+

Item Lenses: Minolta Rokkor SR/MD, Canon FD, Pentax auto 110

My Location USA

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Hi, I have a bunch of legacy lenses and am selling duplicates and others I don't use.
All are at least in good working order.

I will give substantial discounts on larger combined orders and/or local pickups (near Pomona, CA).

Pentax Auto 110

50mm f/2.8 Pentax auto 110 lens, VG, $25

Canon FD
Canon 50/3.5 Macro FD SET $89
, very good with caps and case, plus set of 2 FD extension tubes:
Canon Extension Tube FD 25 + Canon Extension Tube FD 50 +case for lens
Very good, with Canon caps for all pieces, $89 (will consider separating)
The 50 tube has a note on it that says 'broken' but it's working great when I try it on an FD camera, including the aperture pass-through.

Canon FL extension tube, 1:1 "Life Size Adapter for Macro Canon Lens FL 50mm 1:3.5"
Seems about 25mm. FL is compatible with FD lenses/mounts. no caps. $25

Canon helicoid "Macro Coupler FL 55mm", extends with focus-type ring, with "Canon Macro Hood", all LNIB, $35
afaict, this did not originally include caps, but if I can find some extras I will include them.

FD Primes
Canon 50/1.8 FL (FD compat) #124242, good condition. Canon caps included. $15
Canon 50/1.8 FD SC, very good-, Canon caps included. $15
Canon FL 135/2.5 $45 7 Amazingly Affordable But Awesome Canon FD Lenses to Drool For - sample images
Canon 200/4 FD with case $49
Focal MC Auto 28/2.8, VG, some white residue on body (see pic), no caps, $9

Zoom: Tamron 35-80/2.8-3.8 SP Adaptall-2 CF Macro - good condition, $49 - sample images

Minolta Rokkor MD/SR (All made by Minolta unless otherwise specified)
Vivitar (Kiron) 28/2.5 Auto Wide-Angle (made by Kiron), EX/EX+, with 62mm Vivitar filter but no caps, $19 Image Samples
Minolta Rokkor-X PG MC 50/1.4 EX, Minolta caps, $55 Image Thread
Minolta Rokkor-X MD 50/1.4 (55mm filter thread version) VG, Generic caps, $55 Image Samples
Minolta Rokkor-X MD ("MD-1" version, 55mm filter threads) 50/1.7 EX-, generic caps $29 Image Samples
Minolta MD 50/1.7 EX-, generic caps $29 Image Samples

Rokkor-PG MC (v1 1968 to 1969) 58/1.2
This lens is well-known for it's speed/brightness, image quality, and bokeh, and has an 8-bladed iris/aperture.
Condition: Very Good+. Only some wear on barrel, no other defects. Professionally CLA'd in 2016. With Minolta filter, 55mm Minolta hood, & Minolta caps. $499 Image Samples

Minolta MC Rokkor-PF 135/2.8 VG-, integrated hood, generic caps, 2 available, $35 Image Samples
Minolta MD Tele-Rokkor-X 135/2.8, VG+/EX- (single faint scratch on hood). Minolta caps and Minolta hard case $89 Image Samples
Minolta MC Tele Rokkor QD 135/3.5 + original reversible hood. Minolta caps. EX $19
Soligor 135/2.8, some wear on barrel but otherwise VG, $9
Tamron Converto 135/2.8, T2 mount + SR/MD adapter; No hood or caps. $19, or $10 w/o adapter.

MC Rokkor-QF 200/3.5 (2 available) with Minolta case, integrated hood. no front cap. 1 has Toshiba 62mm filter. $29/$35 Image Samples

Vivitar 300/5.5, G-, Integrated hood, Vivitar caps, $25 - this one has an SR/MD mount but it is removable (Vivitar T-4; their version of AdaptAll). Focusing ring has some small dings. Image Samples

Misc 2x Auto TeleConverters for SR/MD

I have some Vivitar Macro Focusing 2x TeleConverters, MD extension tube sets, etc. - ask

Minolta MD 28-70/3.5-4.8, 1:4 Macro, VG+ $25 Image Samples
Albinar ADG MC Auto Macro zoom 35-70/3.5-4.5, EX, $10
Quantaray MC Auto zoom 80-205/4.5, EX, $10
Tou/Five Star MC Auto zoom 35-75/3.5-4.8, EX, $10

I also have Hoya and Vivitar filters available for many of these lenses; ask if interested.

Lens pictures and sample images provided upon request (or see my F/S threads on mu-43.com)
Thanks for looking!

Payment Methods Regular PayPal (seller fee included in price), Other - SEE DESCRIPTION (no buyer/seller protection)

Shipping Locations World

Shipping Methods UPS, USPS Priority, FedEx

Shipping Charge actual cost

Handling Time 1-3 days

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I also have the following, for local pickup only:

1. many tripods. working condition but dusty.
Some large/heavy, good brands.
Will sell at 20% of eBay prices

2. a full-height portrait backdrop, fabric, clean. Probably has the stand too; It was my father's and I haven't fully unpacked it.

3. non-working bodies, mostly Minolta SR/MD

4. A plastic storage tub full of old film camera literature, catalogs, and some manuals.

5. Old (but clean) camera straps, mostly 70's/80's camera brands.

6. Miscellaneous half-cases, shutter releases, and other paraphernalia

local pickup only!
Some pics of the free backdrop and tripods...

There is also a flat black (cotton probably) backdrop.
They are both clean and had mothballs packed.

Click for larger images.


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