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For Sale For Sale: MHG-Pro | Location: USA | Ships: USA

Classifieds Type For Sale

Price $50 for grip,

Item Fuji MHG-Pro

My Location USA

File(s) attached

MHG-PRO: $50 including shipping Paypal only please
Grip was bought used.

20210117-MHG-XPRO.004 (Medium).jpg 20210117-MHG-XPRO.006 (Medium).jpg 20210117-MHG-XPRO.005 (Medium).jpg 20210117-MHG-XPRO.007 (Medium).jpg 20210117-MHG-XPRO.008 (Medium).jpg

Thank you

Payment Methods Regular PayPal (seller fee included in price)

Shipping Locations USA

Shipping Methods USPS Priority

Shipping Charge Included in price

Handling Time 1-2 weeks


Additional Specifications
PAYPAL VERIFIED - Buyer must have a PayPal confirmed address, PAYPAL SHIPPING ADDRESS ONLY- Will only ship to the address indicated on PayPal payment

I have read and agree to the Cameraderie Classifieds Buy and Sell rules. Yes


  • 20210117-X-Pro1.001 (Medium).jpg
    20210117-X-Pro1.001 (Medium).jpg
    124.2 KB · Views: 38
  • 20210117-X-Pro1.002 (Medium).jpg
    20210117-X-Pro1.002 (Medium).jpg
    136.6 KB · Views: 39
  • 20210117-X-Pro1.003 (Medium).jpg
    20210117-X-Pro1.003 (Medium).jpg
    127.4 KB · Views: 37
  • 20210117-X-Pro1.005 (Medium).jpg
    20210117-X-Pro1.005 (Medium).jpg
    133.1 KB · Views: 99
  • 20210117-X-Pro1.007 (Medium).jpg
    20210117-X-Pro1.007 (Medium).jpg
    56.8 KB · Views: 43
  • 20210117-X-Pro1.009 (Medium).jpg
    20210117-X-Pro1.009 (Medium).jpg
    142.3 KB · Views: 43
  • 20210117-X-Pro1.012 (Medium).jpg
    20210117-X-Pro1.012 (Medium).jpg
    58.6 KB · Views: 39
  • 20210117-X-Pro1.013 (Medium).jpg
    20210117-X-Pro1.013 (Medium).jpg
    142.4 KB · Views: 44
  • 20210117-X-Pro1.015 (Medium).jpg
    20210117-X-Pro1.015 (Medium).jpg
    208.8 KB · Views: 41
  • 20210117-MHG-XPRO.001 (Medium).jpg
    20210117-MHG-XPRO.001 (Medium).jpg
    47.8 KB · Views: 37
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