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I've got some older Minolta gear that would be nice to adapt. I've settled on Olympus Pen F lenses. I accumulated way too much extra gear lately and need to "degas" my collection. :)

Here's what I have:

Vivitar Auto 2x Custom Tele-Converter w/ Case- Glass is in condition. Should work well.

Auto Super-Lentar 28mm f/2.8 - Overall good condition looks like a little internal dust.

Minolta MC Rokkor-PF 55mm f/1.7 - There's wear on the barrel. There is a little internal dust. It has a Tiffen 52 to 55 step-up ring so you can use one of the hoods on it.

Minolta MC Rokkor-PF 135mm f/2.8 - The barrel has some wear. Comes with a case. There is some internal dust.

Paisar Auto Zoom 80-200 f/4.5 - The lens is in good physical condition. Overall the glass is in good condition. Looks like there might be some haze.

Soligor Tele-Auto 400mm f/5.6 - The lens looks to be in great shape both physically and optically. There is some internal dust but it shouldn't affect image quality. The lens has a built in hood and comes with a blue padded case

Minolta D55NA Screw On Hood- A little wear. Should work fine.

Minolta D55NB Screw On Hood - A little wear. Should work fine.

Included for parts/fun/because I don't want them:

Vivitar Auto Zoom 90-230mm f/4.5 - The lens is in good physical condition. Comes with a blue padded case. Overall the glass is in good condition. One of the internal elements is showing bad haze or separation . This will affect image quality.

Two Minolta SRT-101 Bodies - Both bodies show moderate wear. The shutter speeds sound okay. The biggest issue with both bodies is that it looks like the foam on them has deteriorated. I would replace the foam on both bodies before trying to use them. Both mirrors have dust on them. My guess is from the foam. Both battery chambers are clean. I don't have a battery to test the meters.

All of the gear is used/not near mint. I think there is plenty of life left and would be a cheap way to get into legacy glass.

Payment accepted

Regular PayPal (buyer adds 3% for this option)

Shipping method

USPS Priority

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$30 I will get a more exact price after getting everything packed. I'll pay anything over 30.

Handling time

I usually ship items out on Saturday.


sghazard on ebay, hazardsg on apug

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