Completed For Sale: Pentax K-1, two batteries, home/car charger | Location: NC, USA| Ships: CONUS only

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Western NC
Classifieds Type For Sale

Price $975

Item Pentax K-1, two batteries, home/car charger

My Location USA

File(s) attached

If you're looking at an ad for a K-1, I'll assume you're familiar with this photographic beauty. The camera is in great shape; probably better than "Excellent," but not quite "Like New." I have priced the camera aiming at the average eBay price and below online used camera sellers.
  • Shutter count: 3226!
  • There are very few signs of wear
  • There is some dust in the crevices, just from being stored not in a camera bag
  • The rear screen is clean and articulates properly
  • All controls (at least the ones I've explored) work properly
One of the batteries is Pentax, the other is aftermarket. Both work fine in the camera and have been confirmed to take and keep a charge. I purchased this camera without a charger. The one included is an aftermarket one that I had as a spare for my K3. This charger works both plugged into the wall and with the included car adapter. I have removed the strap connecting rings, but will include them in the package. One does not have the little rubber bumper.

I received a question about anything being visible in the viewing path (finder-prism-screen-mirror). The mirror is fine. The finder is fine. There is at least one speck of dust, and here also appear to be a few faint marks on the focusing screen itself (inside the camera, not the LCD screen on the back). These marks are mainly only visible with a lens removed and looking toward an open area. You have to look for them with a lens mounted and in normal use. I have adjusted the price to reflect this

As to the shipping: The K-1 isn't dainty, and shipping has increased in cost. $18 won't cover insured shipping, but it will get it close. Just wanted potential buyers to know that I wasn't trying to sneak in extra profit. To try to balance that out, I'll absorb PayPal fees.

Please inspect the images closely, and feel free to ask any questions you may have. I can usually ship within three days (commonly the next day) depending on work schedule surprises and where the weekend falls.

Payment Methods Regular PayPal (seller fee included in price)

Shipping Locations USA

Shipping Methods USPS Priority

Shipping Charge $18

Handling Time Usually three days or less; commonly the next day after sale unless I get a work schedule surprise or the weekend interferes.

References "ektar" on Mu-43, "MXLX" on PentaxForums, "dilligafdon" on eBay

Additional Specifications PAYPAL VERIFIED - Buyer must have a PayPal confirmed address, PAYPAL SHIPPING ADDRESS ONLY- Will only ship to the address indicated on PayPal payment

I have read and agree to the Cameraderie Classifieds Buy and Sell rules. Yes


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I am really, really tempted... Great price :) Got a bunch of Pentax lenses that would love to be on a full-frame... Just not sure about a camera that weighs a kilo though... :)

Edit: Actually, if this is still available, I'll get it. The lenses are really light, so makes up for it :)
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