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Completed For Sale: Ricoh GRIII w/Extras, Recently Serviced, Transferrable 2-Year Warranty | Location: USA | Ships: USA

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Classifieds Type For Sale

Price $650 USD (no warranty)

Item Ricoh GRIII w/Extras, Recently Serviced, Transferrable 2-Year Warranty

My Location USA

File(s) attached

Up for sale is my Ricoh GRIII, a particularly excellent camera that I am only getting rid of to switch over to the GRIIIx for the 40mm field of view, which I think is going to suit me a little better. Hard decision, since 28mm is such a versatile FoV, but the 40 just edges it out for me, I'd keep both but can't really afford it. I bought this camera one year ago, and it is in excellent shape, no dust on sensor. The rear dial did act up about nine months in, so last month I sent it in for a warranty fix, so the rear dial is brand new. The manufacturer warranty is now up, but I bought a 3-year Asurion extended warranty from Amazon along with my camera, and the good news is that warranty is transferrable to a new owner. I just called Asurion and confirmed it. So if you purchase and receive the camera from me, I will take down your info and call up Asurion and they will follow up with you to get the two remaining years (I made no claims during the first year). I'm copying the relevant terms for the warranty at the bottom of this post if you want fine print.

Also included with the camera, besides everything that came in the box originally, plus the box (that's battery, wrist strap, paperwork and charging plug and cable), are the accessories I have acquired which aren't a fit for the GRIIIx model: a JJC green extra lens ring, a JJC auto lens cap (petal-type lens cover), an extra Wasabi battery (I own two, so I'm giving you one for extra power for this power-hungry camera), and a cheapo 28mm viewfinder which you can slide on the hot shoe (these are available all over eBay now, they're resin plastic, so there's some distortion and no framelines, but it works if you want the ability to put the camera up to your eye. They're sold for around $15-20 normally).

The camera and all accessories are in great shape, the LCD has had a screen protector on it from day one. There are a couple bumps on two corners of the lefthand edge of the camera (opposite the grip) which you can see if you look very closely but are really minor, I've included pics of these. The magnesium alloy can dent or scratch a bit if the camera bumps into something and these small cameras always seem to eventually. But no damage to the camera beyond very small cosmetic.

The GRIII sells refurbished for $699 on Ricoh's website, and $700 is a really common price to find these used, so for a bit extra (mostly to cover postage, honestly) you are getting a lot of extras, plus two years of warranty including accident protection, way better than the 3 months warranty you get from Ricoh for a refurb, and impossible to get otherwise if you are relying on used marketplaces. I want to offer this excellent camera at a good price so it gets into good hands and keeps producing great photos.

PLEASE NOTE: While this is listed as USA shipping, I am willing to consider shipping outside of the US for a reasonable extra fee for coverage. I will price it out and let you know if you inquire! Will also look into whether warranty can be transferred to out-of-country recipient.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS Thank you for trusting Asurion to protect Your Product. THIS PLAN (THE “PLAN”) IS A LEGAL CONTRACT BETWEEN YOU, US AND THE ADMINISTRATOR (AS HEREINAFTER DEFINED). It requires You to submit any disputes through binding and individual arbitration or through small claims court. Please read these terms and conditions completely. If You do not agree with any of the terms of this Plan, please do not use it and cancel it as further outlined below. A. DEFINITIONS • “Obligor,” “We,” “Us” and “Our” refer to the company that You are contracting with to provide the services set forth in this Plan: -In all states and the District of Columbia, except Florida, the Obligor is Asurion Service Plans, Inc., whose address is P.O. Box 061078, Chicago, IL 60606-1078, telephone 1-866-856-3882. -In Florida, the Obligor is Asurion Service Plans of Florida, Inc., who can be contacted at P.O. Box 061078, Chicago, IL 60606-1078, telephone 1-866-856-3882. • “Administrator” refers to the company that facilitates the claims process under this Plan: -In all states and the District of Columbia, except Florida, the Administrator is Asurion Services, LLC. -In Florida, the Administrator is Asurion Service Plans of Florida, Inc. -The Administrator can be contacted at: P.O. Box 1340, Sterling, VA, 20167,1-866-551-5924. • “Retailer” refers to the retailer from which You purchased this Plan. • “Product” refers to the item which You purchased and is covered by this Plan. • “Portable Product” refers to a product designed to be portable in nature and intended for portable use by the manufacturer, including but not limited to Laptops, Tablets and Cameras. • “You” and “Your” refer to the individual who purchased the Product and this Plan, or the approved transferee. • “Breakdown” refers to the mechanical or electrical failure or malfunction of the Product(s) caused by: - defects in materials and/or workmanship; - normal wear and tear; - dust, heat or humidity; - power surges; or -for Portable Products only: unintentional and accidental damage from handling, such as drops, spills and cracked screens, as a result of normal use (“ADH”). We, the Administrator or the Retailer from whom You purchased the Product covered by this Plan, may make available additional Products and services at a discount from time to time, for Your consideration. Order #: 111-7904476-7849817 Dealer: Amazon.com Sales Rep: E089633 Unit Covered: Indicated on your Amazon order confirmation. Unit Covered Price: Indicated on your Amazon order confirmation. Plan Duration: 36 MONTHS FROM UNIT PURCHASE DATE _522v_T-1_1119_E_ADH ANDREW LOSSING Service Plan Price: $80.99 Plan Purchase Date: 2020-11-14 • “Replacement Product” refers to a NEW, REFURBISHED OR REMANUFACTURED PRODUCT, OR A PRODUCT OF EQUAL OR SIMILAR FEATURES AND FUNCTIONALITY THAT PERFORMS TO THE FACTORY SPECIFICATIONS OF THE ORIGINAL PRODUCT. Technological advances may result in a Replacement Product with a lower selling price than the original Product. • “Manufacturer’s Warranty” refers to the warranty coverage provided by the manufacturer or Retailer of the Product. B. TERM OF COVERAGE • The term of this Plan begins on Your date of purchase and continues for the period indicated on Your order confirmation email. The term of this Plan will be extended an additional fifteen (15) days to accommodate for the delivery of Your Product. • Plan coverage remains in effect throughout the duration of Your term, unless cancelled or fulfilled. • If Your Product is being serviced by an authorized service center when this Plan expires, the term of this Plan will be extended until the service is completed. C. THE MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY • This Plan is inclusive of the Manufacturer’s Warranty; it does not replace the Manufacturer’s Warranty. After the Manufacturer’s Warranty expires, the Plan continues to provide some of the Manufacturer’s Warranty benefits as well as certain additional benefits listed within these terms and conditions. • Parts and services covered during the Manufacturer’s Warranty period are the responsibility of the manufacturer or Retailer that originally included the Manufacturer’s Warranty in the purchase of Your Product. • We will refer You back to the manufacturer or Retailer if We determine a Breakdown is covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty. D. WHAT IS COVERED • Beginning after the Manufacturer’s Warranty Expires: The Plan continues to provide some of the Manufacturer’s Warranty benefits and covers the replacement costs or parts and labor costs to repair Your Product in the event of a Breakdown during normal usage of the Product. • Beginning on the Date of Purchase (including the Manufacturer’s Warranty period): The Plan covers the following product-specific enhanced coverages: All Products: -Breakdowns caused by Power Surge All Products: -Repair or replacement of accessories included in the box by the manufacturer (e.g. game controllers, additional camera lenses, 3-D glasses (for 3D TVs and/or 3D Blu-ray players) and remote controls. Portable Products: - ADH Breakdowns Laptops, Tablets and Cameras: -Battery Replacement: This Plan will provide one (1) replacement of an imbedded or rechargeable battery. The battery will qualify for replacement only if it fails to accept or hold a charge and failure occurs during the term of the Plan. NOTE: Disposable batteries (including but not limited to AA, AAA, C, LR44, DL123A) do not qualify for this coverage. Small Electronic Products Which Are Intermittently Plugged In, or Non-Electronic Products: - Your coverage includes a one-time reimbursement of up to $15 for the cost of shipping Your Product to the Manufacturer for repair or replacement during the Manufacturer’s Warranty period. All Electronic Products: -Coverage under this Plan also includes access to technical assistance and support for Your covered Product(s) during the term of this Plan. Tech Support terms of service can be accessed at https://contents.asurion.com/Images/Amazon_TOS/AMZ-10408-19_TOS_v1.1.pdf. For technical assistance call 1-844-693-6231. E. WHAT IS NOT COVERED For All Products • Damage caused by misuse, abuse, willful or intentional conduct; • Breakdown caused by introduction of foreign objects or insect infestation; • Cosmetic damage, including scratches, peelings or dents that do not impede the mechanical functionality of the Qualifying Product (unless otherwise provided for above) and problems due to improper installation; • Damages caused by acts of God or third-party actions, including but not limited to: fire, collision, vandalism, theft, war, invasion or act of foreign enemy, riot, strike, labor disturbance or civil commotion; • Consequential or incidental damages, including but not limited to: loss of business, loss of profits, damage or loss to any data or operating system, downtime, charges for time and effort, liability or damage to property, or injury or death to any person or pet arising out of the operation, maintenance or use of the Product; • Parts intended for periodic replacement unless specified in the What is Covered section above (for example: computer software or disks, external power supplies, spark plugs, filters, knobs, batteries, bags, belts, trimmer line, bulbs and lamps); • Any failures, parts and/or labor costs incurred that are associated with a manufacturer’s recall, regardless of the manufacturer’s ability to pay for such repairs; • Inherent defects that are the responsibility of the manufacturer; • Products not originally covered by a store return policy or Manufacturer’s Warranty, e.g., floor models; • Pre-existing conditions; • Unauthorized service, including service or replacement outside of the USA unless authorized by Us or the Administrator; • Problems due to improper installation; • Products with altered or missing serial numbers; • Products with safety feature(s) removed, bypassed, disabled or altered; • “No Problem Found” diagnosis or failure to follow the Manufacturer’s instructions; • Products that are not listed on this Plan; • Products used for commercial purposes; • Products used in multi-user organizations, public rental or communal use in multi-family housing; and • Cost of preventative maintenance and damages caused by improper preventative maintenance. For All Products except Portable Products • Breakdowns caused by ADH

Payment Methods Regular PayPal (seller fee included in price)

Shipping Locations USA

Shipping Methods USPS Priority

Shipping Charge FREE

Handling Time 1-2 days

References eBay @agentlossing, Mu-43.com profile agentlossing

Additional Specifications PRICE IS FIRM- Not open to offers below listed price, PAYPAL VERIFIED - Buyer must have a PayPal confirmed address

I have read and agree to the Cameraderie Classifieds Buy and Sell rules. Yes


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Hear ye, hear ye - if you don't fancy the warranty transfer thing, you can get this camera at a discount, since I can get a pro-rated refund and recover at least a portion of it.

Your cost for the camera and accessories would be $660.
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