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Selling off Nikon Manual Focus Lens Collection

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Apologies if you've seen this listing...elsewhere, but I wanted to get these in front of the widest audience I could. I got involved with shooting with vintage lenses adapted to M4/3. While I enjoy it, I got into (at least) one brand too many leading to the group of nice copies you see here. I got to looking at the shelves upstairs and determined that the Nikon primes were not getting used enough, so they gotta go. I’m keeping a couple (for now), but the rest need new homes.

I’m posting a picture of each lens, but have more images of all of them, just not enough space to post them up. (I’m going to try to put them in an album so you can see them all) So, if you’re interested, PM me and I can PM or email the other views to you.

For each lens, I’ll describe condition and list any known flaws. All of them are in good to excellent condition optically. There is some dust in any vintage lens, but there is nothing in any of these that would interfere with image quality. Diaphragms are all dry and snappy. Filter rings are all good (one has a little nick). Focusing is as described. All have genuine Nikon front and rear caps; these are as close to period-correct as I could locate.

I’ve tried to price them below eBay, in keeping with or below KEH and the like. If I’m nuts on one, let me know. Add $10 each for shipping…nothing ships for much under $10 anymore. The exceptions are the TC-14, which is small; call that one $8, and the Reflex Nikkor, which is big; call that one $14. If you buy more than one lens, we’ll work out shipping before you send funds. I will absorb the PayPal fees.

I have filters for all of them; if you want the filter, add $9; they’re all at least Hoya HMC quality; there are some super-multicoated ones, and at least one Pro-1 Digital. It’s a roll of the dice which you get, but all of them were bought new when I bought the lenses.

The plan is to offer them on forum(s) first; I’d rather see someone here get them and enjoy them. But, if they don't move, I’ll list them on eBay.

So, here we go:

Nkkor 20mm f2.8, AI-S, 9+/10 condition. No issues at all, a beautiful copy, including the HK-14 clamp-on lens hood. The hood by itself sells for as much as $75. $260 SOLD

Nikkor-N Auto 24mm f2.8
, Non-AI, 8+/10 condition. All-metal version, few nicks on the filter ring, but no dents. Includes like-new (in box) HN-1 hood. $90 $80

Nikkor 28mm f3.5
, late version Non-AI. 9/10 condition. Really nice copy; focusing is firm; you would call it a little stiff compared to the other ones, which have a pretty light spin. Includes very nice (in box) HN-2 hood. $70 $60

Nikkor 50mm f1.4
, late version “AI’d” (meaning converted to work with AI but not a Nikon conversion), 9-/10 condition. Glass is clean; focusing is good except for a “tight” spot in the middle of the throw. This appears to be common for the 50/1.4; Miz ektar’s copy behaves the same way. Includes earlier version of the HS-1 clamp on hood. Withdrawn

Micro-Nikkor 55mm f3.5
, All black version, Non-AI, 9/10 condition. This one’s sort of a legend; Supposedly Spielberg shot the opening sequence of the first Star Wars movie with the Imperial Fleet moving by (likely the camera moving by the models…) with a copy of this lens. Stupid sharp. $65

Nikkor P.C Auto 105mm f2.5, all metal Non-AI, 7/10 condition cosmetically. Has visible dust if you look for it, but this is the oldest lens that I’m selling, so it’s no surprise. Works fine. Huge reputation. SOLD

Reflex-Nikkor 500mm f8.0
Mirror lens. SOLD

Nikon TC-14 1.4x Teleconverter. Non-AI, non AF. 9/10 condition. $40 SOLD

Like I said, I’ve got a potload of pics. If you want a view, just ask. I can usually ship in a couple days, but due to my current work schedule, it could be as late as the Friday after you pay. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for looking; hopefully I can find a good home for these jewels and you’ll enjoy/get good use from them.

Payment Methods: Regular PayPal (seller fee included in price)

Shipping Locations: CONUS

Shipping Method: USPS

Shipping Charge: FREE

Handling Time: I can usually ship in a couple days, but due to my current work schedule, it could be as late as the Friday after you pay. I’ll keep you posted.

References: ektar on Mu-43, MXLX on PentaxForums, Zone 6.5 on FM, "dilligafdon" on eBay

Additional Specifications: Buyer must have a PayPal confirmed address, and I will only ship to the address indicated on PayPal payment


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