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Film For those who still shoot film and want to develop at home....

Feb 6, 2015
Central Ohio, USA

Basically a powder that you can get shipepd to you, add water and you are ready to develop your film.

Color and B&W options available, and cost is roughly $1 per roll.


Nov 10, 2018
Always good to see new products being launched. I still like XTOL for general B&W which is $10 for 6 months worth or 40+ rolls and tf-5 for the fixer. I have been using Unicolor powder kits for color but haven't shot much color in the past year.


Top Veteran
Jan 1, 2017
Interesting, I’ve got 3 or 4 shot rolls of different black and white films, sitting undeveloped in a drawer around here somewhere...

Not many places in West Oz still develop colour film let alone B&W...

Les Klein

Dec 10, 2015
Montreal area
This looks like great chemistry and an easy process. For me, though, it's three decades too late! I would have tried it when my B&W darkroom was still operational. OTH I still have a developing tank and reels, and I’m still curious, and ...

… What am I going to do with negatives in the digital world? How could I transform and enlarge the images with my scanner/printer and computer (without buying new equipment)?

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