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Had to log back in somewhere short of midnight. Troubleshooting for our server errors?
Dang it, I was hoping nobody was around at this time of night and would notice; I have to find a time when everybody is asleep! :eek:

*Not* a server error, just a slight tweak. A tiny, little tweak.

The site was available at both "" and "" (without the "www." prefix) instead of standardizing on one or the other. That is not really desirable because in the eyes of Google and other search engines those are two different sites. Plus, from a members perspective, it could be confusing because if they went to, for example, "" they could log in and would stay log in but if they clicked or went to "" then it would think they weren't logged in because the session cookies were based on the domain. If they went back to "" then they'd show as being logged in again.

So the slight tweak was to just force one standard URL, "" everywhere. For anybody who was logged into "" they'll have to login again when they refresh the page. For anybody who was already logged into "" then they won't notice anything.

The forced standard URL is automatic so nobody has to do anything or change anything so any bookmarks will still work and any links will still work. Except for anybody who was online at the exact time of the change it'll be an invisible change.

Behind-the-scenes I also took the opportunity to go in and remove some hard-coded URLs from the templates. As a programmer the mindset is always "hard-coded bad, dynamic good".
I have somewhat lower standard for Bad Code. Bad code makes the computer burst into flames and the Halon fire. Only happened to me once that it was so bad that the Halon fired.

I suspect that everyone that uses "remember me" will have to log in again- I did.

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