Forget the macro lens, get a serious compact instead!


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I will send you my winter gladly, and yes it is probably warmer there for winter than here though this year, so far, it hasn't been horrible.

It was 80F here yesterday. I took to macros into the backyard, one for the OM-D and one for the Fuji ... ended up building a new trellis and planting some new crap instead.


PS- Today will be cooler, probably low 70's.
I know, I know, I was teasing back! I do have a sense of humour. :)

tease - Yeahhhh Jamesss :p - tease

But No I did not mean it like that, there's just a true difference between a compact cameras close-up shot and a real macro shot. It is not an opinion nor am I trying to insult anyone. And-- I do have to say that there have been a few times I had my G12 lens down in the body of a flower and I did get some good abstract close-up shots which is something I could not do with a large lens without pulling petals off to get close. Plus compact is really just that convenient at times, I use compacts too. You can take some nice images. I started out a few years ago doing closeups with 55-250 lens and it wasn't close enough so then I got extension tubes, not close enough, finally I had to get a macro lens and now I toss on tubes etc to boot. I have a friend that does micro which is kinda fun too though I haven't tried it.

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