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i dont really think of the model as a compact , the ex1 which i own is compact, the lx3 which i dont is a compact , my gx 200 is a serious compact too and my ricoh cx-1 is almost serious close

i dont understand having a dedicated area for the nex disasters or pseudo slrs like the quality nx series, while lumping all the serious fixed lens machines together like a tolerated stepchild

how about a dedicated thread section for then incredible samsung ex1 the g-[x] ricohs and the excellent panny lx3 and iit soon to be sucessor , the already larger and growing installed base of users of the fine ricohs and pannys and i must add the astounding new ex-1 is worth courting , dont you think?

the samsung is the camera to watch, its plethora of input buttons and wheels, its iq noise profile[sadly with overagressive noise supression] its superior speed at the short and the long end of the zoom sets it apart from every other compact in the world today , your forum should respect that glowing fact with a dedicated posting area

id rethink the sections if i were you guys.... wishing a renewed sucess....i look foward to seeing what develops here
I moved your post here rather than taking the Samsung NX10 thread off on a tangent.

For the purposes of this site, all the mirrorless cameras are compact, and small DSLRs as well. Whether we should have additional forums for fixed-lens cameras is something I'd love to get member input regarding. How would you structure those forums?

I have plans to feature the Samsung in the near future. B&H will be sending me one very soon.

Thanks for the suggestions and well wishes!
To expand on those thoughts, I thought each of the interchangeable lens systems should have a forum since discussion of available lenses for one system wouldn't appeal to users of another. Meanwhile, my assumption was that those of us interested in cameras like the EX1 would most likely be also interested in the GRD, S90, LX3, etc, hence one forum made sense. Note that the "tolerated stepchild" forum is the first one, displayed most prominently on the list.