Fuji "Found" X100 Wide Angle Adapter


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I tend to keep odds and ends of old equipment and accessories; today I realized that a Minolta Wide Angle adapter from one of my very first digital cameras (the Minolta Dimage Z1, with a great 10x optical zoom) fits nicely on the X-100, thanks to a 49-52mm filter adapter I had on an old Cokin filter holder.


It's a .75x magnification adapter, making the Fuji 23mm a 17.25mm or an effective 25.8mm full frame equivalent lens.

First test shot indoors at the dining table; looks fuzzy on the corners and edges, but we'll see what happens in full daylight.


BTW, to use the WA adapter on the Minolta, I had to buy a Minolta lens hood with the right filter thread. Interestingly, I found that I could use it as a lens hood for my (now sold) Olympus Zuiko m43 45mm, with a bit of duct tape. I scandalized quit a few forum members on sister site mu43 by posting the photo below. I thought the all silver look was pretty cool....


Someone asked whether I used sandwich bags for my camera case---well, actually, the bigger ziploc bags/bread bags make great rain protection ("weather sealing" :)) with the right cutout for the lens. Like they say, waste not, want not!

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