Fountain Hills Concourse in the Hills (Big Car Show in Town)

Our town had its annual big car show with hundreds of cars, trucks, helicopters and other military vehicles.

Took the trusty A6000 and 18-135mm. It was tough getting the shots I wanted as there were a lot of people walking around and a super sunny day. Some I just had to walk away from as people just kept getting in the way.

First off, our favorite rides











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I posted the Delorian Time Machine on the Back to the Future subreddit and the owner responded. He says this was the official car that was at Universal Studios for the Back to the Future ride.

It was the one car that my kid was actually excited about and we kept it for the end. She was starting to drag a bit, an hour and a half of walking around and she was getting tired. When we saw it she perked right up.

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