Four Random Thoughts in the Orlando Airport.


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We just finished a week at Disneyworld and the associated photography. It was the flower show at Epcot and that's always a target rich environment.

1. My wife got to try her new rx100 that was her BD present. It was a big hit. The auto modes are pretty effective, especially this motion blur mode which seems to take multiple shots and combine them. It works great handheld at night. I see why this camera is so highly rated. She was so pleased with her results that she actually starting asking photography questions. I know we often debate the value of the camera vs.the person. I always knew that she had a good eye but those 1/2.3 sensors just let her down in low light whereas the rx100 really shines. This is a real game changer for her

2. The EM1 was a joy to use. I could put every control in a good place (although many of the defaults are fine). It's a bit larger than the EM5 but well worth the extra size. I had the Olympus 60 macro and I was in hog (or flower) heaven.

3. The big surprise was that my new iPhone 5 is a great camera as well. Lots of shots to friends at home that were actually nice by my standards.

4. I saw fewer ILC than ever before and that includes DSLRs. The most common non-phone cameras were bridge cameras.
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