Free book for nature photographers - But hurry


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Thanks for the links Sawfish and Paul.

Yes this is a friendly forum and although the word nefarious is quite negative I am sure it was aimed at the rapidshare connection which is often laced with viruses and other desirables. I did not read it as being aimed at you Sawfish and pdh has indicated as much. BTW the alternate link timed out for me - I suspect his server is overloaded.

Communication by the typed comment is fraught with the possibility of misunderstandings - a point all members need heed in an international forum like ours.


Bill, thank you for your intervention.
You are quite correct in your interpretation of my intent, but also the need to be more explicit. I'll reserve "shooting from the hip" to the street in future.

I do love, by the way, the idea that viruses might be desirables ...


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I've not been able to get the book from any of the above links, has anybody else succeeded? Not that I'm planning on pottering off to the Kalahari but I'm sure there will be plenty stuff I can learn from.

Don't take it to heart Sawfish, I'm sure there was no slight intended. And thank you for the heads up


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Thank you, Sawfish - and thank you Heather! The dpreview link hung up for me too, but the Google docs link worked out just fine. Now I'm going to get another cup o' joe and take a look see.:friends:

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