Free O&O DriveLED Pro for Christmas.


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Bill Shinnick
This is a hard-drive monitoring health and temperature program which I have used for several years. You can get a free licence HERE.

They will email you offers about their other software once a month but you can unsubscribe.



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Thanks Bill. Downloading now. Do you know whether I can set this up to monitor my E: drive (external HDD - with all my precious photos on it) as well as the C: drive?


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Darn. Windows only. Any similar Christmas offers for macs? I had four hard drives hanging off the iMac and one of them died the other day... had absolutely no warning. Fortunately it was only the clone drive so I was able to use one of the others, and partition it for using as a clone of the internal. No significant losses, but likewise I have no idea about the health of my 2x2TB WD externals, at all.

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