Fuji Free X100s case


Dec 8, 2011
Cotswolds, UK
I received my free X100s case from Fuji yesterday (it was a freebie offered when I purchased the camera).

It is very similar to the one I had with the X100 but is slightly darker (would have liked the black version as I have a black X100s but apparently they are not available in the UK),

A nicely made case that now incorporates a press stud secured base flap to allow easy access to battery/ SD card - great and useful change, sad to see they have still not addressed the issue of the case front not fitting fully if you have the adaptor & filter fitted and lens cap on (seems crazy to me), not really an issue as I only use the half case due to having "Thumbs Up" fitted.

Have to thank Fuji for a fairly fast turnaround on this as well, they delivered 3 weeks after sending in form - Olympus took 5 months to deliver grip & MMF3 for the EM1!!!!

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