From one extreme to the other...


Sunny Frimley
Real Name
Bill Palmer
I spent last Saturday at the Chap Olympiad in a park in central London and Sunday at the Farnborough Airshow. You couldn't get two more different events, and two more different ways of working. On Saturday I used my X-Pro1 with 35 and 90mm lenses and "fly-fished" a small handful of images I was happy with. On Sunday I shot over 2500 images with the X-Pro2 and 100-400mm lens, machine-gunning my way through three cards and four batteries in doing so, to arrive at just seventy images I was happy with and a handful that I really liked - a hit rate of less than 3%.

These two images capture those two extremes for me; different subjects, different techniques, different styles - one photographer, one system.


Chap Olympiad 2016 spectator 9 mono
par Lightmancer, on ipernity


Farnborough Airshow July 2016 XPro2 Wingwalkers 9 mono
par Lightmancer, on ipernity

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