Feedback Front Page taking a lot of CPU time

I posted this observation before, in the suggestions thread that seems to be deleted.

On my XP machine, the forum Front page is very slow- running task manager shows IExplorer pegging 98% of the CPU. Navigate away to the "forums", or a thread- immediate drop in CPU usage. I'm not sure what is causing the drain on resources. On a Win7 machine laptop at home, sometimes the Front page also seems to draw a lot of CPU power, more than other sites. does not seem to place as much of a demand on the CPU.

If other potential users have this issue, they may give up and go somewhere else.

anyone else notice this?


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I'm not seeing that on my home PCs (Windows 7) or Macs using any of my browsers. However, I have noticed at work that on XP running IE6 that the front page loads slowly and makes a few clicking noises while loading. I don't know what causes this. If anyone has a suggestion for fixing it, I'm all ears.


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Win 7 laptop here; switch to Front Page tops out at 11% CPU usage and is very quick. And that's on a wireless G connection. Firefox browser.

Oh, and it's very fast on iPad as well.
It does not occur on, or other sites such as getdi and the Leica forum. There are sites that are not allowed- but that takes very little CPU time!

The ads on the left of the screen take a long time to load up. I wonder if the Site is running queries on the local machine for some sort of customization. Or the server for the ad itself is slow.


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Every once in a while when I hit my SC bookmark the site takes a while to load. Once it is loaded, surfing it is fine. I'm using Chrome on Win7. This is a brand new i5 with upgraded graphics card. Assumed it was on the server side, particularly when I test other sites and they pull right up. Fwiw I don't recall it doing that about a month or so ago when I was on my older computer which is why I did actually test and see if it was my connection/cpu. So I think it is fairly recent like the last few weeks. As to what does it, I don't know, it did make me get up a couple times and tend to my housework instead though LOL. But I do come back. If it happens again I will study it more closely.