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The front page only shows the most recent featured post, some ads, and the menu bar on top... no other featured posts, and most annoyingly, no list of recent threads. I'm using an android device by the way. I hope it's some bug that can be fixed easily, and not a permanent change?

I noticed some days ago that the list of 5 or so "popular threads", had disappeared; I was ok with this, as I found it hardly added something over the "recent threads" list, which i use every single time I visit PL. To me, the layout with several featured posts and a bar showing the recent threads made for a clean home page that still gave a sense of the community of PL. Having to click on a menu to see anything beyond the most recent featured post may be clean, but lacks the inviting community feel to me.


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I'm on Android and can see one featured post and the list of recent threads, which I agree is handy. Are you using Chrome? Try closing it and re-opening. It may be related to Amin's overnight changes - is anyone else having issues?

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