Sony Frosty morning shot


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Took several shots of this plant. Not sure what it is. This is the best of the lot I think.

NEX3 w/SuperTakumar 50mm likely around f/2.8.
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Thanks for the feedback. It is a little dull in the colors. I tried some pp initially (sharpening contrast), but it ended up making the in-focus flower look fake, so I had to tone it down. I'll try a bit with overall brightness and color.
Nervous bokeh. Good call. That's maybe one of the biggest negatives here. I'll have to test the lens, and see if that's par for the course. The other issues is all the stems behind it are spikey, contributing to that. I had some differently framed shots, but in looking at the jpgs, I noticed I over-sharpened them, so I'll have to redevelop them from RAW and post one of them later. Thanks for the feedback.
I'm with Christina(christilou) and Kevin(summerki) and think the subdued color looks pretty darn good for this "alien plant". I wonder if it's a thistle of some kind? I like this photo very much, wt21.