Fuji Frustration at Commercial printing shops of fuji x photos


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Mar 30, 2013
I have a Fuji xe1 for about 1 year and have I think come up with a user setting that I am happy with. However, when I take the photos to the local fujifilm print shop, it always frustrates me as the machine I believe auto corrects. I was told by the operator they cannot turn off the auto correction. So with me doing in camera adjustments along with the print shop ends up with me frustrated. I know that the answer would be to purchase a good home printer and gives me full control. Wondering if others have similar experience and also what does the fujifilm print machines do in the auto correct?. Do they try to correct to standard film simulations?
images on my pc and camera look good.
Appreciate any feed back to sooth my nerves.


Dec 27, 2013
Over here we have Kodak printing machines; they allow you to switch auto correction off but the images are pretty oversaturated - soccer mom style. I have most of my prints done by a professional lab and work with their softproof profiles - no bad surprises so far.

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