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Completed FS: 1951 Jupiter-3 in Leica Thread Mount, German Glass.

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For sale is a 1951 KMZ 5cm F1.5 Jupiter-3, freshly Cleaned and Lubed, and custom shimmed for use on a Leica. The early KMZ Jupiter-3’s used German parts, this one has an alloy optics fixture like those used in the wartime Sonnars. See the close-up of the filter threads. The glass is German, the original uncoated rear triplet was fogged on this one. I replaced it with a rear triplet from a pre-war Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm F1.5 Sonnar. Now, the Glass is near perfect. The rear triplet is uncoated, and is an exact match of the original used in the lens. I disassembled this lens, flood-cleaned the aperture blades, lubed the helical, and shimmed it for close-up and wide-open for the Leica. The aperture blades look good, focus is smooth. Example pictures are with my M9. This lens is optimized for close-up and wide-open on the Leica. Distance shots at F1.5 are good out to about 100ft, stop down to f2 for infinity: Sonnar focus shift works in your favor. Includes plastic front and rear caps.

Robert Chisholm posted an article on two Jupiter lenses that I worked on here:

JUPI-WHAT? Shooting Jupiter Lenses on the Leica M9 by Robert Chisholm | STEVE HUFF PHOTOS

Price: $340 shipped within the United States Priority Mail, $365 anywhere else via International Priority Mail. Paypal, Personal Check, Money Order. I reserve the right to hold shipment until check/MO clears. Return policy: returns must be made within 10 days, refund for the price of the item will be given after receipt. Postage cost is not refundable.

Glass has bubbles, common in lenses of this era.

Close-up at F1.5:

100% crop


100% crop:

Distance at F1.5:




I also took some pictures with my 1938 Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar "T" 5cm F1.5 while testing the Jupiter. This is my best Sonnar.

At F1.5:

100% crop:

Note the actual focus is slightly behind the J-3 shot. We are way past acceptable DOF at this 100% pixel-peep.

I have 3 original Zeiss 5cm F1.5 Sonnars in Leica mount, 4 pre-war F1.5 Sonnars that I converted to Leica mount, and a ZK Sonnar in LTM.

This Jupiter-3 is within a hair of the best of the Sonnars for sharpness, and gives a slightly warmer cast to the colors.
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