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Completed FS: 1952 Jupiter-8 in Leica Mount, new front element, EX condition.

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Offered here first. I made this lens out of Four J-8's. It is one of the best J-8's that you will run into. Focus is particularly smooth on this one. I used a 3M sheet designed for polishing glass on the aluminum mount to get it that way.

For sale is a 1952 KMZ 5cm F2 Jupiter-8 with new front-element and mounted in a much later chrome Leica Thread Mount focus module, EX condition. Glass is near perfect- inner groups are original and look like German glass, as used in my KMZ J-3’s of this period. I disassembled this lens, flood-cleaned the aperture blades, lubed the helical, and custom shimmed it for the Leica. The aperture blades look good, focus is very smooth. I replaced the original front element which was scratched with one from a 1957 lens. I tried out two different front elements to get the lens to be as sharp as it is now. It is one of the best J-8’s that I have used. This lens is optimized for wide-open and close-up use on the Leica. I the example shots are with my M9. It focuses properly to infinity even at F2.

Robert Chisholm posted an article on two Jupiter lenses that I worked on here:

JUPI-WHAT? Shooting Jupiter Lenses on the Leica M9 by Robert Chisholm | STEVE HUFF PHOTOS

Price: $140 shipped within the United States Priority Mail, $150 anywhere via first class international, $160 anywhere else via International Priority Mail. Paypal, Personal Check, Money Order. I reserve the right to hold shipment until check/MO clears. Return policy: returns must be made within 10 days, refund for the price of the item will be given after receipt. Postage cost is not refundable. If you need an IR/UV filter, I will sell the B&W 40.5mm filter for an additional $35. Filter only offered with the lens.

At F2 on the M9:

100% crop


100% crop. I nailed the shim on this lens.

Distance at F2:

100% crop:

Infinity at F4:

100% crop

F2: Fence Slat test.



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I'm seriously considering this lens to compliment the Summarit I bought recently. Are they too similar or would the J-8 perform better when sharpness is required?

Totally different optical formula- the Jupiter-8 is a Sonnar formula lens, and this one matches my perfect Nikkor-H 5cm f2. At F2, this lens is sharper than my Summarit. At F4- both are sharp. This lens is very compact compared to the Summarit, about 1/2 size and much lighter.
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