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Expired [FS] Leica M lenses, finder and flash

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Tasmania, Australia
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I am in Australia and all prices are listed in Australian Dollars. The items below are either for sale outright or for use as part of a trade (higher value lenses) toward a Summilux 35mm Asph (pre FLE). Obviously I am expecting to have to throw in some cash unless you clean most of my gear out .

I have bought and sold here, RFF and ebay all with the same username (defektive) if you would like to do some research.

1)Thin Tele-Elmarit 90mm f2.8 lens in excellent condition. This lens functions perfectly and has no optical or cosmetic issues. $725 gets you the lens (including paypal fees), original rubber hood with cap and non genuine carry case.

2)Elmarit - M 21mm f2.8 E60 pre-asph version. Optically and cosmetically it is excellent but is missing the red dome for mounting. $1400 gets you the lens (including paypal fees), original bayonet mount hood and B W 010 filter.

3)Cheap Summilux 35mm pre-asph with hood. This lens is in user condition but the glass is still very good except for some cleaning marks. I can't see any evidence of fungus, haze or separation. There is a fair bit of play when you hold the front and back of the lens and twist side to side. It looks reasonable cosmetically, the white numbering has faded somewhat and there is some brassing where the hood has been taken on and off. I have not seen any issues in the images I have taken and am only selling it to fund the asph version. $1450 (including paypal) will get you a cheap Summilux and hood (12504 version that takes series 7 filters in user condition).

4)LTM Summarit 50mm f1.5 with xoons hood. In pretty good condition cosmetically and optically. There are a few cleaning marks and it could probably do with a CLA although I have been using it fine as it is without issue. The chrome is in very good condition with only a few scuff marks where the hood has clamped on. $600 including paypal and hood and I will throw in a 50mm LTM-M adapter if you want it.

5)Leitz 21mm finder. Not sure what the model number is but it is black plastic with "Germany" printed on the underside. It clamps into the accessory shoe of your camera. It is in user condition with a couple of chips in the plastic and some dust inside the optics. It still mounts fine and I have not found the dust to be a problem when using it with the elmarit 21mm. $250 including paypal.

If you want the 21mm lens and finder I'll give it to you for $1550.

6)SF-24D flash. Mint condition in original box with felt pouch and two diffusers. $185 including paypal.

Shipping is at the purchaser's cost. I am in Australia but will ship internationally. Due to being stung by ebay postage policies I will state upfront that I will not accept any liability if your purchase is damaged in the mail or does not arrive at it's destination. I will organise postal insurance at your cost if you wish to take it out (I strongly advise that you do). I will ship through Australia Post using whatever service you choose (at your cost) providing that it is a service that allows me to obtain proof that it has been posted. I will then scan this proof and email it to the purchaser and that will be the end of my involvement. All care, no responsibility.

I do not enjoy taking such a stance but am forced to do so as my reason for rationalising my kit is to cover an item that an ebay buyer claims they did not receive which I am held accountable for.

Photos to follow,
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