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Completed FS: Nikkor-H 5cm F2 Leica Mount, Modified for RF close focus, BGN Condition.

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The buyer of this lens "traded-up" to one of my F1.5 sonnar conversions. While back in my hands, decided that it needed an "edge". so now it has a 0.75ft Edge over most Leica mount Nikkors.

This lens is sold. For sale is a Nikkor-H 5cm F2 in Leica Thread Mount, front element had cleaning marks filled in with eye-glass repair kit, cosmetically EX condition. The infinity lock tab has been removed, and the indent for close-focus has been removed. I modified this lens to retain RF coupling past the normal 3ft for LTM lenses, done by filing the threads down in order that the RF follower wheel of the camera maintain contact with the RF cam of the lens. This lens will focus to 18”, but the RF coupling of the Leica will stop at about 2.25ft The front element had cleaning marks when I got it. I diluted the solution from an eye-glass repair kit to fill in the marks, and the performance of the lens was improved. Keep a filter on the lens, blow-clean, use lens-cleaning tissue only. Do not use a wet cleaning solution on the lens. Focus is smooth, aperture is smooth. The third-party LTM to M-Mount adapter shown with the lens, rear cap, and filter are included.

Price: $160 shipped within the United States, $175 anywhere else via First Class International. $190 via International Priority Mail. Paypal, Personal Check, Money Order. ($5 discount for check/money order.) I reserve the right to hold shipment until check/MO clears. Return policy: returns must be made within 10 days, refund for the price of the item will be given after receipt. Postage cost is not refundable. Front cap and plastic rear cap included. I replaced the missing liner in the Leica metal cap, works well.

F2, normal 3ft RF coupled close-focus.

F2 NEW RF Coupled close-focus.

F2, close-up test.

This lens is optimized for F2.


Cleveland, OH
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Dave Lam
These are hidden gem lenses, with fantastic sharpness and bokeh.. not to mention a deal when compared to other LTM's!

Brian is amazing to deal with, only the best .
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