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Expired FS: Nikon D2 eyelevel, with 50/1.4 and fitted leather case.

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I might have 10 or so Nikon F2’s. Always end up using the F2AS.

And this is one of them.

For Sale:

Black Nikon F2 with DE-1 eye-level prism, Nikkor 50mm F1.4 lens (Rubber Inset Focus Ring, multicoated), AR-1 soft release, and CH-1 fitted leather case. This camera is near perfect, I’m calling it a 9.8/10. Lens is near-perfect, as shown. Nikon “A” split-prism screen mounted in the camera. Case has protected all for a long time, strap is on the case- so no lug marks on the camera. Everything is working properly. Price: $1000 shipped in the US via insured priority mail, and $1030 shipped overseas via priority mail. Paypal, personal check, money order. I hold the right to ship after check/MO clears. 14 day return, shipping is not refundable.




I hope someone takes your hand off for that, I would if i had spare cash & didn;t already have a flim camera
If it does not sell, I'll keep it. I will not be able to find another like this one. I have a Black F2 Photomic in the same condition, and chrome F2SB and F2A as well. But Black eye-level prisms in this condition are not to be found. KEH did not have any eye-level F2's to check against. Ebay- found one in this condition for over $2,000 without a lens. One in "EX" condition for more than this, also body only. 10 years ago the black prisms were ~$350 without a body. I bought this one almost 20 years ago.
One bump and up.

As stated, I am having a hard time getting a reference on pricing this camera.

Near mint 105/2.5, Planar formula, multi-coated. Same 9.8/10 condition, and looks like perfect glass. With leather case and Nikon Caps.

It will look stunning on the Nikon F2, so will be included with the camera as shown.
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