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Expired [FS] Not quite a compact but... Like new Rollei tele kit

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travellin man
I have a stellar Rollei tele version 1, former shelf queen.

It comes with the stupidly expensive rolleinar kit for tele models, a trio of rollei filters and the equally stupid expensive case and strap.

Caveats... As it has been a shelf queen for 30 plus years, it needs a CLA to be a shooter. Lubricants all dried up. I am in Canada so factor that into decisions.

I am looking in the $2200 range and I am open to trade options... Full or partial. Hello me what you have. Worst thing I can say is 'no thanx'. I do a lot of work on compacts of the film and digital variety

Beautiful camera but I am not a collector.

Cheers and feel free to send questions my way.
Not open for further replies.