Fuji FufjiFilm X30in Camera Raw DR settings

Ian Knight

Mar 19, 2014
I usually convert Raw files from my X30 using the in camera RAW converter.
I have notice that if I shoot in DR200 it is possible to then change the DR setting down to DR100 if I choose to.
My question is... because I have originally taken the image using DR200 the camera would have used some form of tone mapping or curves lift to the shadows because of the underexposure of 1 stop. Along with this would be a slight increase in noise and loss of detail in the shadows to.
What benefit is there to changing the DR setting back to DR100?. Am I correct in thinking that it cannot be identical to actuallyshootingthe image using DR100 in thefisrt place.

Thanks in advance.
Cheers Ian.


Hall of Famer
Aug 31, 2011
The benefit is less DR and punchier highlights. If that suits your image: great! If not, keep DR200%.

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