Fuj iXS-1 Announced


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The RAWs show a little bit more fine detail, but that's what I deliberately pushed them towards in Silkypix sharpening, plus I minimized NR in Silkypix, so the RAWs are actually noisier than the JPEGs with minimal NR. That's no problem, though, as the noise has a typical Fuji-like film grain appearance and would certainly not affect fine prints in a negative way.

JPEG Astia tonality looks more appealing to me, even though I also used Astia in Silkypix and really took my time to get it right, more than 30 minutes of work per picture. As usual, Silkypix wouldn't really make use the EXR DR RAW and displayed a very overexposed image that required major adjustments.

Btw: The ISO 200 DR100 shot is an EXR SN shot with an M-RAW file, and that ISO 200 file is actually less noisy then the ISO 100 EXR DR200 shot. Go figure!

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