Fuji Showcase Fuji 10-24mm f/4 R OIS


Oct 31, 2013
Still getting familiar with the 1 week old 10-24 as I'm used to the 14 on the X-E2. Here's a shot late in the day at 10mm.



May 16, 2013
Had the opportunity to borrow a 10-24, along with an X-T10, on a Fuji run photo walk a couple of weeks back - I have to admit I was impressed, it's a shame that the purchase of an X-T10 later that day means ownership of a 10-24 is some way off! Paddington Basin off Edgeware Road, Lodon
Fuji photo walk by Nigel Lee, on Flickr


Apr 2, 2017
USA Minnesota
Sweet mother Mary... those 10-24 shots are all over the top (nice).
Great. Now I have yet ANOTHER Fuji lens I have to save $ for. :cautious:
Question, do you guys recall or note if you are typically falling into a groove of using it pulled back all the way to 10mm most often, somewhere in the middle, etc?

Just curious. Seems like when I have had tele-lenses I typically ran them at one end or the other of their capability, mostly the wide end and was just enquiring.
Nice pics again!

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