Fuji Showcase Fuji 23mm f/1.4 R

Surprised this thread hasn't been inundated with more images, as so many have claimed this to be the perfect lens. Well, I'll be adding to it as soon as my newly purchased copy arrives.
It has been exasperating in determining just which primes to keep, and using my XC16-50 at specific focal lengths has been my tool. I need a fast lens in my arsenal and the 23mm appears to be the one I would use if I had only one lens.
Looking forward to capturing some great images with it! :thumbsup:
Just foolin' around with the '23.....
First panorama (2 stitched pics in landscape position)...

Easy FL to work with....

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Trying out the 23mm 1.4 again. Shooting with it, and the 23mm f2 I had when I was trying to be more minimalist. Has me thinking my preferences my be swinging back toward the 35mm effective focal length. Although I will always have love for the 16mm 1.4. I can see me running with 16/23, 23/35, and 16/23/35 combos a lot for personal stuff.

A few quick shots of the offspring




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I'm really curious about this. I love the 35mm field of view. I have the 35/1.8 in Nikon Z mount and that lens is ridiculous.

My question, which will take me a good amount of research is this: Is the rendering and IQ of the f/1.4 "better" than the f/2 - enough to justify the cost differential?

Fun times ahead, I'm sure! :)


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I don't have the f2 WR but from what I've read/seen, they are both optically very good lenses. The 1.4 is a rather large lens though, so on a smaller body, like the E3, it can feel a little off balance but terribly so. I have the Meike grip on my E3 which I find makes handling large lenses much more reasonable. So really, in my mind it would come down to bokeh, size and weather resistance; the f1.4 bokeh is very pleasing (see below) but the f2 is smaller and has WR.


Wide open, SOOC.


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The thing I hate the most about the 1.4 vs f2 debate. Is that what you really do is wind up justifying having both. Which I very well may wind up doing.

Lol...yeah...tell me about it...My thoughts are this, though after thinking about it today.

I really like the 35/1.4. I noticed an improvement in its performance from the X-E1 to the X-E3/X-Pro2 in AF speed, especially when using the zone focusing mode.

I much preferred the look and rendering of the 35/1.4 over the f/2. My gut tells me that this is probably going to be something similar with the 23mm variations. I then have to decide between the rendering or the WR, which I think I'd prefer the rendering aspects because I can always throw a RainSleeve or similar deal onto the camera/lens combo if need be.

So it sounds like I'm actually talking myself into saving up and getting the 23/1.4....at least that is what I'm leaning toward as of right now.
@gryphon1911 You basically just went through my exact thought process from a week ago. Also, for my main needs at 23mm, the 1.4 is more useful than the weather sealing. Also, I have the 16mm if I need a sealed lens. Then the new rebate started and decision made.

With all that said. If my friends and I get heavy into trail riding again, I’ll be looking at the 23/50 fujicron pair a lot more seriously.

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