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Fuji Showcase Fuji 35mm F2 WR


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Nov 24, 2014
Scott Depot, WV, USA
I thought it was only me. Everyone else's cats seem to obligingly stay still for the shot.
LOL, no, here's an image of our other girl cat. She also is hard to catch sitting still . . . if you get too close, she decides it's time to start showing off. You see this one has a slight blur to it where she twitched just as I squeezed the shutter button. I've tried many times to get close-up pics of these two, and they move so much I often have no more than a second or two to focus and squeeze.

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I don't know if I will do the unthinkable ( move away from my 16 ) but I am finding it easier to convey the image I see in some instances. Or it could be a case of different horses for different courses. Either way it has me rethinking the ultra wide lens selection.
Lake Verona-Saurus , Very rare. Washed up after that last Artic cold snap. This one appears to be well preserved, still has the price tag inside his tail. HEY it's a small town lol. It was 39 this morning and the benches were still empty.
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