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Fuji F660EXR

Flower on Windowsill

Don’t know how you guys put a black background in flower photos - I used a black card here then found the colours & petals turned solid & the delicacy & translucency of the flower petals was lost. Backlight was needed.

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The view of my garden background behind was messy, distracting & downright embarrassing, so after thinking a bit I taped a sheet of A3 tracing paper on the window glass & got this.

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In colour :- provia
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It still didn’t quite capture the ephemeral quality of the petals but I think it worked a sight better than the black card.


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Testing the 15x digital zoom on the F660EXR

No prizes for technique, skill or content just a simple test

This was hand held & the distance must be well over half a mile away

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Here is the normal wide angle 16:9 shot taken a few weeks ago from the same point.
The boat in the above photo is the first one in the harbour entrance so you can gauge distance

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Yes quite surprising .. but its obviously better at the optical range which for the most part is all I need


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Tried an experiment Saturday comparing my Fuji F660 with my old Fuji Stx1 fitted with Meyer Lydith Wide angle.

Only afterwards I realised I used 16:9 ratio on the 660 – Duh.

I was expecting a better result from the STX1 – perhaps its partly down to the cheap film used - Agfa Vista plus 200 (£1.00 from Poundland & £1.00 developing from Tesco) then scanned with veho scanner .
My thoughts on this film was to convert to BW later – I was not expecting much from it.
The 660 was set on medium file size 8mb with Velvia & although I spec’d iso 200 it took at 125 iso in S mode

Fuji F660 EXR
View attachment 72704

Fuji STX1 & Lydith
View attachment 72705

Its worth having another crack using better film – probably Fuji but given the results so far I am more than happy with the 660 jpg – not much to be ashamed of with the added bonus of true pocketability & not having to lug a large camera & lenses around. Must say though using a viewfinder & focusing through lens was pure joy.

I hope to compare with a Konica S3 soon

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