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Bring Jack back!
Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
Aww, Steve - don't feel that way! I think you've written that with tongue in cheek, but that is the kind of feeling one can get if one does not control one's G.A.S. reading.

Armando, check out the sticky in the Marketplace:

Don't feel badly, I'd forgotten the rules myself.
Haha. I don't feel bad. I thought there was a delete function. I don't want to say "completed" because it's not really completed. I just changed my mind. :)

I guess I'll just have to sell it. Haha.


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Apr 12, 2014
The 55-200. I usually use only prime lenses but I like the long telephoto for nature shots. We are volunteer hosts for the Oregon State Parks and there is a lot of nature out here... A little more than where I grew up in Jersey City, NJ

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