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My Fuji M adaptor arrived.

Well, where to start?

The bright lines in the OVF aren't bright - they don't get brighter in brighter light.

The Mount Adaptor Settings for the lenses (Distortion correction, Color Shading Correction and Peripheral Illumination Correction), cannot be previewed live while you adjust them.

You have to switch to MF to get the Magnify all to work.

Of course as we knew, you still have the poor refresh rate of the EVF and the fixed X10 magnify which is hopeless with many focal lengths. No focus peaking of any type.

It still uses 1/F for the Auto ISO slowest shutter speed. I guess you can fool it by using a false focal length in one of the two user configurable Lens focal length settings.

They do supply a plastic gauge to check if the rear element of a lens will protude too much or if it's diameter is too large to fit through the small hole at the rear of the adaptor.

It really isn't a pro solution for RF lenses on the X-Pro 1 camera. I'm sorry to say I will be sticking to my Ricoh GXR A12 Mount for my M lenses.

It does work and allow you to use your M lenses, but it is just the annoyance of the implementation which gets to me. I tried an LTM CV15, Zeiss 18mm Distagon, Zeiss 25 Biogon, Leica Elmarit 28/2.8, CV 75/2.5 LTM and they all worked, but I can't really see me using them much on the camera.

I see a small amount of corner smearing on wide angle (just viewed at max magnification the camera LCD so far). I suspect that it isn't as good in the corners as the GXR A12 mount, but will test that later once the rain goes off. Perfectly acceptable for most things. But given that the GXR doesn't smear chroma and has sharp corners on all of my M lenses...

I have no idea how Fuji expect me to adjust the lens corrections other than by trial and error - take a shot, review, adjust a setting, rinse and repeat. Epic fail.

I hope that Fuji come out with a fast 35mm equivalent AF lens next year as that is what I currently miss. At a push I could use the Zeiss 25mm Biogon, but it isn't such a nice experience on the X-Pro 1.

Fortunately I have the GXR for my M lenses, so I'll use that and keep the X-Pro 1 for its trio of fine AF lenses.
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