Fuji M9 competitor, X100 style with a full sized sensor and autofocus


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Yeah thanks for that Bill. Almost choked on my dinner! :warning:

I couldn't agree more mate. A Fuji X-series ILC - I'd be happy enough with APS-C; but would certainly salivate (but never afford) a FF version. Not sure about the mount, but noting the recent rumour of Fuji releasing it's own line of lenses...then I assume it'll be proprietary......for a week or two anyway, until we get the M-mount adapter from some enterprising folks in Germany or China. Not quite sure how they'll figure the OVF framelines into the non-Fuji coded lenses though....but then again maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. :blush:

Back to my Quorn!


Bill I'd certainly buy a full frame, AF, M9 competitor. I've been thinking for a while, why hasn't Epson and CV release a new R-D1? if full frame and cheaper than a M9 it'll definately sell like hotcakes.